Creating a Blog With Joomla Can Be A Hassle

I am planning on moving this blog to my major website, However, being a firm believer in a saying, “Do not put all the eggs in one basket,” I plan on keeping this blog as well. Here, I’ll have an intro text and a ‘read full article’ button that will link to my website. You never know how people hear about you.

I am working a lot to make sure that my blog looks and work properly and that’s, like a rolling snowball, becomes more and more complicated . I wanted to use JComment component, but then I came across Disqus and I fell in love with it. So now, I am trying to make it work well with my site. However, there are some complications…

I am not a fan of Mootools yet. All JS library I use are for JQuery. So since Joomla is pared with Mootools, I had numerous conflicts. I was thinking about what would be the best way to correct it and realized that “no-conflict” option was NOT an option since I have a lot of JQuery plugins and hand written functions and if I were to use it, that meant like a complete rewrite of every function. I hate the idea that I had to do it just because Joomla chose to use Mootools, so I turned Mootools off completely and there. It was all fine until Discus came along.

There is only one plugin for it from Joomla Works for Discus and it’s behaving NOT as I want it to behave. It uses some functions that randomly cause break and error in Firebug JS Debugger. Don’t get me wrong, it works fine, just gotta make sure my Firebug JS debugger is disabled =)

In addition, there is more issues with styling. This plugin puts some annoying fields that I do not want, like number of comments on top of the page, so I’m working on making it all go away and at the same time, trying to figure out what’s going on with JS, if it is me, or them.

Oh, and also, it’s amazing that I could not find any normal social media sharing plugin for Joomla. All I’ve checked look really bad and limited in capabilities. I had to manually implement AddThis, but it does work exactly how I’d like to work, so I will have to look into its API. ShareThis didn’t work for me either. Their layout is for bright websites only if I want to track visitors. Unless I get into their API and change icons myself it will look really bad. I so do not want to spend time on this!!

Ufff… A lot of things to do and so little time considering that I am working full-time on top of it all and working on freelance projects almost every week. I still gotta put some extra portfolio samples and I really do not have the time for it.


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