How to Unsubscribe from a Google Apps Group Mailing List

I was working on a project and found it hard to understand how Google Groups mailing works. So here is a tip on how to automatically unsubscribe from a Basic Edition Google Apps Group.

When you receive an email from a Google Apps Group, if you want to unsubscribe, simply reply to the Group’s email address it came from with a subject line ‘unsubscribe’. NOTICE, not the email it came from, but the Group’s email address.

For example, when you receive an email from a Google Group, it looks like this:

TO: (NOTICE: it does not have your email address, but rather only Group’s email address)
SUBJECT: Hello World

To leave the Member List, reply using the email it came on:

SUBJECT: unsubscribe

You should shortly receive an email notification that would look similar to ‘’ confirming that you have successfully unsubscribed.


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  1. Great! Thanks a bunch…I try to read google documentation and somehow, I just could not find it. Thanks a lot!

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