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Think Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown Won’t Affect You Because You’re Far Away?

The article that I mention on the bottom argues that due to Japanese dumping 11,000,000 tons of RADIOACTIVE WATER info the Pacific, sea life is seriously injured and maybe, we will be as well. The readings near the coast of Fukushima are 7.5 million times higher than normal. No one can tell if besides the isotope of Iodine-131 (radioactive molecules that are harmful but not as bad as others), there was no Polonium or Plutonium that leaked into the ocean. These are the most dangerous elements since it takes 10,000 years for them to stop producing radiation.

Japanese gov. declares: it holds no harm to the humans… Duh! Think people! BeĀ  logical. If you dump radioactive water into the Ocean, do you really believe that it’s OK? For every action there is a reaction, and I am sad that people cannot see it, nor does the Media, which barely mentions these facts!

This topic should be discussed daily because this one small tiny, puny power plant (if compared with the size of the whole planet) has endangered the whole World (well, at least for humans). Even though the wars that are going on in North Africa are terrible, a world-wide contamination is kind of worse, don’t you think?

It reminds me of Greenpeace TV ad I saw when I was a kid. It starts off with a boy dressing into some kind of radiation suite. He then goes outside to play ball in a desert with his friend who also wears one… I thought, sure, Greenpeace, come on. It’s not going to be that bad. Never had I thought that I would actually live to the point in time when I would be concerned that our planet would get to be like this.

If you read how Chernobyl’s radiation spread around the world, and how it affected the areas in Europe that experienced toxic rains… It’s sad. And now we are so technologically advanced and are aware of so many things, and yet, I wonder how much can we do to stop something like that, and how much can we do to prevent it? Putin is right, what do we want to heat our homes with? Wood? Right now it’s mostly nuclear, oil, gas, and coal.

So take a deep breath, my friends, when you stand close to either of those plants and smell what your iPhones, Teslas and your offices and houses are running on… Smells fresh? Eco friendly? No? You think the animals love it? No? Ah, maybe the trees love it? They do need CO2, right?… The problem is that apart from CO2, there are so many toxins that are used to produce the energy that even the trees would say leave us out of it. Well, OK, nuclear is not that bad… until it melts… Then you better run, Forrest, run. “…And never come back,” like Golum was saying… But if serious, still, there is no other feasible alternative.

So I say, come on, Bill Gates or any other billionaire at this point, instead of focusing on some modified foods and partnering up with Monsanto, spend a few mil on new power sources research. I am sure there are some we haven’t mastered yet. I played SimCity, I know there is something after nuclear plant. So let’s make it happen! We are smart and tech savvy, aren’t we?

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